Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Hell Calling.!

Hell Calling is a short film about a boy who smokes marijuana for the first time. The after-effect puts him in delusion and he starts to see, feel and do things that did not actually happen.

Directed and acted by my friend Raj Kumar who has won the Best Actor Award for his short film "Story Of My Library" from Rotary Club, East Coast. His film "Story Of My Library" has been screened in more than 6 International Film Fests. Hell Calling is his third short film. I scored music for this film :).

The movie starts with a guy buying marijuana from a drug dealer. He gets back home, mixes pot with tobacco, and smokes it. He suffers severe after-effect which scares him to death. He tries to do things (like hit on the wall, drink water from bubble top) just to make sure he is still alive. To reduce the activity of the drug, he takes bath which in turn produces more effect. He then takes a book and writes down the "effects of marijuana". Just to differentiate and to show what the boy feels, the director would've shown the boy's view in black and white screen and the actuality in color. By that, we see that the pen he uses to write down will have no ink in it, and also the book he uses to write the effects will have nothing written on it. The effect of the drug makes him feel hallucinated. He gets a call from hell (his phone displays 'Hell Calling..' as caller identity) and wonders what is happening to him. He tries to go back to think what he had done for its cause. Several images cross by and he gets an indefinite idea of what happened. He then attends the call and the movie ends, giving the rest to the audience.

Hell Calling:

Performed by: Raj Kumar.
Directed by: Raj Kumar.
Music by: Sajith.
Edited by: A.S.Dominic.
Produced by: Rajesh.

Please watch the film and leave your comments.



Y.Yugesh said...

really good da ...........
and i also liked Raj kumar acting da.

S.Sajith Mohideen said...

Thanx da.. !

bodi said...

thanks for addin it into ur blog...i feel u could better wit a better software...keep working,keep draeming and make it happen someday... BRAVO!

S.Sajith Mohideen said...

@ Bodi: Thanx macha..

Joseph John said...

i remember the night u scored music this film... me and ram were amazed looking at u working for more that 6 hrs at a stretch to compose the music.. ;) .. it paid really well da.. also goto mention rajkumar -> amazing man..

S.Sajith Mohideen said...

@ Joseph: Thanx a lot macha..

Trunx said...

BGM has come really good bro!! :)
but i felt somethin missing at the climax( BGM )... awesome concept and well handled by all technicians.. :)

@bodi: macha.. i wil be happy if u cud help saji with ur contacts.. workin on him.. i believe u cud.. even serial BGM can be a starter!!

S.Sajith Mohideen said...

@Trunx: Ya.. Should've been a little heavier.. And thanx for your concern.. Actually, I've told you that I'm working on a very very very basic software.. I need to learn A LOT to come up good.! Anyways.. Thanx.. !