Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Changing notes- I was there.!

India has very few people that the whole world recognizes.. One of them is A.R.Rahman.. The music maestro is better known for his remarkable compositions and love towards his motherland.. His concerts were held in so many places around the world and also happened in chennai recently.. I was lucky to be one of the audience waving my hands to the tune.. Times of India released its first edition on 14th.. They offered this Rahman's concert tickets in exchange for a coupon.. Not within half-a-day, all the newspapers got sold out and people were seen taking Times Of India in bundles.. I was informed a bit early so i managed to buy 10 papers.. The concert was held on 14th in St.George's ground opposite to pachayyapan colege.. People thronged in for the concert which made a heavy traffic congestion near Pachayyapan college.. The show was scheduled to start at 6:30, but got delayed due to some reasons.. Scintillating lights, crowd yelling and with confetti adornment, A.R.Rahman stepped down from the stairs on the stage, getting down humbly towards the crowd, singing Ore kana from Guru.. It was like the God of music himself is getting down.. People were so enthusiastic and energetic that they forgot themselves.. The list of songs performed in the concert:

1. Jaage Hain - Guru - Saadhana Sargam & ARR.
2. Ella Pugazhum Oruvan Oruvanuke - ATM - ARR.
3. Endendrum Punnagai - Alaipayuthe - Karthik/Naresh Iyer/Shankar Mahadevan.
4. Varadhe Nathi Karai Ooram - Sangamam - Shankar Mahadevan.
5. Vaaji Vaaji - Shivaji - Hariharan & Madhushree.
6. Barso Re - Guru - Madhushree.
7. Newyork Nagaram - Jilunu Oru Kaadhal - ARR.
8. Enaku Oru Girlfriend - Boys - Karthik & Blaaze.
9. Jashn E Bahaara - Jodha Akbar - Javed Ali.
10. Roobaroo - RDB - Naresh Iyer.
11. Munbe Vaa - JOK - Karthik/Naresh Iyer/ Chinmayi.
12. Enna Solla Pogirai - Kandukonden Kandukonden - Shankar Mahadevan
13. Kanodu Kaanbathellam - Jeans - Nithyasree.
14. Dil Se Re - Dil Se - ARR.
15. In Lamhon Ke - Jodha Akbar - Javed Ali/Karthik & Madhushree.
16. Adhiradi - Shivaji - ARR/Sayonara and others.
17. Chaiyya Chaiyya - Dil se - AR Rehana & Javed Ali
18. Azeeem Shah - Jodha Akbar( this was capped off with the first line of 'Veerapandi Kottaiyile') - Shivamani ('the man')/ Naresh Iyer and others.
19. Oru Koodai - Shivaji - Blaaze
Intros by Blaaze
20. Pray for me Brother - ARR
21. Bombay Theme.
22. Khwaja Mere Khwaja - Jodha Akbar - ARR
23. Udhaya Udhaya - Udhaya - Sadhana Sargam & Hariharan.
24. Ay Hairathe - Guru - Hariharan.
25. Tumhari Adao Pe - Mangal Pandey - Saadhana Sargam/ Rayhana and others.
26. Maiyya Maiyya - Guru - Neeti Mohan.
27. Maduraiku Pogadhadi - ATM - Benny Dayal & Darshana.
28. Tere Bina - Guru - ARR and Chinmayi.
29. Antha Arabic Kadaloram - Bombay - ARR/Karthik/Shankar Mahadevan.
30. Vande Maataram - 'GOD'


Shankar Mahadevan
Naresh Iyer
Sadhna Sargam
Blaze Dayal
Neethi mohan
Javed Ali.
AR Rehana

Sivamani showed his talents by using suitcases and bubble top bottles as drums and made an awesome performance.. Neeti mohan burned the stage out with her dance/singing for Myya Myya from Guru.. Nithya shree sung kannodu kanbadhellam which was outsanding.. Songs that Rahaman sung (in order):

Ore kana- Guru
Ella Pugazhum- ATM
New york nagaram- JOK
Roobaroo- RDB
DIl se- Dil se
Athirade- Sivaji
Pray for me Brother- From his album Pray For Me Brother
Khwaja Mere Khwaja- Jodha Akbar
Tere Bina- Guru
Humma Humma- Bombay
Vandhe Matharam- from his album

The highlight was when 'Azeeem Shah' was played, 20 to 30 people, each with a bass drum, played for the song with Shivamani leading them.. It was awesome.. The crowd gathered was huge that rahman said (exactly) "itha madhiri gosham en life'la.. atleast intha rendu varshathula paathathilla.. . " (english-> he never has seen a crowd like this in his life.. or atleast in this 2 years..).. Had a nice time.. Concert ended at 10:45pm.. It was the best concert ever.. I wish for more A.R. live concerts in chennai..

As he said:
"Im not changing the music, the music is changing me"
"Music is change, the change is me.!"

He is the BEST..!!


Venkat said...

Eh... Any Idea of sharing the pics??

*Sajith* said...

v did'nt take any macha.. v took just one.. and some videos.. i'l do it..


Great experience da!!!Even with the way u narrated i could experience the atmosphere!!!!