Saturday, 15 March 2008

My College Annual Day..!

This is really a long due after my last blog (Infact, this was the starting line of my previous blog too.!).. That's cuz i did'nt find time and also had nothing to blog on.! Now i have something to write.. Nothing but my college 'Annual Day'..

Its been quite long since i attended my last class .. I guess its been 3 weeks.. Cuz i bunk classes for the so-called 'Annual Day practice'.. It was some three weeks back i met vikas sir (Department of CSE)., later became our team leader who deals everything regarding Annual Day.. Hez really a very nice guy and well talented.. He deals with the poster designs for our college, format designs, flash movies, animated movies lots more.. he's extra talented .. In fact, hez one of my friends now (hez jus 26).. Initially we had no singers in our team.. So i called my friend parvathi (awesome carnatic singer in our college) to join our team.. later, many singer from 2nd and 1st year showed up..

The Annual day was initially scheduled for 8th of march.. But then it was postponed cuz of the chief guests (cuz of their dates).. So we got extra time to bunk (I know how mad my friends will get while reading this.. Guys chillax.!).. We use to practice for some 2hrs and chat for the rest of the time.. Initially we have only a guitar and a very small basic keyboard.. I took my acoustic guitar cuz if someone asks anything, i have to play something with my guitar just to show them that we are practicing.. We did'nt even plan anything for the annual day and used to sing some random songs during the practice session.. That was how we used to kill time..

It was 3rd march, my birthday.. Vikas sir asked me to stay that evening for the practice.. Parvathi had lab to do so even she asked me to stay as she has to go alone back home.. I thought of staying but i could'nt resist vikas sir's request.. I told parvathi that i could'nt come and went with vikas sir.. Vikas sir wanted to buy a guitar so he wanted me to select the guitar for him.. I called clement (guitarist) with me, to select a good one for him.. I was not in good mood that time (had some personal problems).. Vikas sir told us to wait in Avadi station.. Varun (my friend) and vikas sir came to Avadi station after some 20 mins.. We got into the train and surprisingly they placed a birthday cake with my name written on it and asked me to cut it.. I was flabbergasted.. I cut the cake and shared with everyone.. Frankly, they really made my b'day so special and i was so happy.. Later, We went to Musee musicals (near casina theatre, mount road) and bought a guitar for vikas sir.. Myself and clement just walked in, took two awesome acoustic guitar and performed a small gig, attracting audience.. That was fun.. Then we went to THALAPPAKATTU and had nice food.. Actually it was my treat, but viaks sir paid for it eventually.. Then went to juice shop and had juice, we could'nt walk cuz we were fully loaded with food.. I really have to thank vikas sir, varun and clement for making my b'day so special..

Thats Vikas Sir with his new guitar.!

The date for the Annual Day was finalized and was preponed from 18th to 14th.. So we had to rush up with our practice.. We finalized songs and effective practice was begun.. I had my department (ECE) symposium on 12th.. My friends from SVCE came to participate in the events.. I've to be with them to show them the places where the events was taking place and also i've to be in the practice session as im the team leader.. I managed both somehow running here and there.. We planned to stay that day for the practice.. We asked the girls to leave early and we stayed in the college till 8:00.. That was the only time we used efficiently for the practice.. After the heavy practice, we completed two full songs and started at 8:30.. If we are in need of anything, we just walk to vikas sir cuz he just splurge money.. We had good food, drinks and stuffs and obviously vikas sir paid for it.. He is such a nice person not just cuz he spends a lot, but also has a very nice character and attitude..

Initially we had an acoustic guitar and a small keyboard.. On 12th everyone brought their instruments to college and at last we had two acoustic guitars (Vikas sir's and mine), Electric guitar (mine), Bass guitar (clement's), Yamaha clavier E403 keyboard (junior's), Yamaha PSR-550 (Dinesh's), Tabla (Venkata krishnan's), Manual Drums (Vinod's).. It was well organized and was better looking..

The actual practice started on 13th (the day before the Annual day, just like i used to study for my semester exams..!).. We stayed till 9:30 in our college and had a small rehearsal.. All our college staffs were there till 9 to make sure everything was perfect.. It was our CSE dept HOD who asked us to have dinner.. We were so hungry and thought of eating food outside cuz the food in our college wont be that good.. It was already late so we had to eat our canteen food.. We did'nt know the taste of food cuz we were so hungry as if we did'nt eat for ages (I thought i would fall sick.. thank god, i was normal the next day.!).. After the small rehearsal, we started off from there leaving all our instruments in college.. I reached home at 12..

It was 14th, i have to reach college early to set up everything up on stage.. Vikas sir wanted us to wear blazers as it looks attractive on stage.. It was 8:50 when our show started.. Everything went on well and i believe it would be much better if the audio system was proper.. Local audio controllers showed up who did'nt know what LEAD CORD is.. I shouted badly at them cuz he kept reducing the guitar volume in the mixer.. It really would've been better if the audio system was proper.. We had something called the 'Digital Orchestra'.. Digital orchestra is something that we create music using computers and softwares.. I composed the sahana bgm (FL) for the digital orchestra and i believe it came out well.. Our chairman and staffs were so impressed with this Digital orchestra and congratulated us.. but frankly, i dont think it was that good cuz the one who was playing the sahana lead must listen to the bgm as well., only then he can play.. but we forgot to place a speaker near him, so it was'nt that good the way we expected it.. He missed the beats and was a bit off tune.. But was'nt that bad..

Everything ended good as planned and ended up well.. I saw something that i did'nt expect from our college.. i have to write this down here.. There's a lot of politics (i guess its there in every college and we dont know).. Shit.! there's a big cold war happening.. Everyone has weird complex., a bad attitude within, except a few, very few.. I came to know all this cuz i was with vikas sir all the time and i know what was happening.. Every department has its own rules.. I cant say everything here, all i can say is this: "shit.!".. If i am the chairman, i would've stabbed the staffs who dont act like a staff..

I got many friends through this Annual Day like every other annual day.. As Clement and i were the team leaders, we had to face a lot of problems and small fights with juniors.. but everything was solved at last and we are friends now (small fights is the starting of a good friendship.! line nalla irukka.?).. I really miss those days and i cant participate in my next annual day cuz i'll be busy with my projects and placements.. This was my last Annual day and was fulfilling.. I enjoyed every moment, every second of my stay with them.. The only thing i worry is, No ODs. and i have to attend my classes now on..

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varun said...

If i am the chairman, i would've stabbed the staffs who dont act like a staff..
this is for sure man,,,,,even if am not a chairman,,, am gonna stab any one of those staffs one day,,,,,,:-)