Friday, 21 September 2007

My very first blog.

Wow, im here for the first time.. This will be my first blog and i dont really know what to scribble.. But one thing im sure of, im exited, contented.. I read hardly some three or four blogs before getting into bloggin.. Those blogs were really very different to my eyes.. I believe even i could create something more useful and valuable.. I would post one soon.. As of now, i would like to share something regarding myself.. I'm doing my engineering in electronics and im in my third year now.. My passion is music.. If you let me sit in a couch and hit some good music, i would apparently sit the whole day long listening.. In short, a music maniac.. Genres does'nt matter to me.. What matter is good music.. I'v heard some musics which literally tears the eardrums, as from my view, its futile.. Maybe there are people who really get into heavy and hard rock.. Head-bangin' to each and every tune of the dexterous guitar players.. I dont say, and i wont say that heavy metal and other related hard rock genres sucks.. But hearing it continuously gives us headache.. I play guitar whenever i get bored or whenever im off my mood.. It really gives something in me which never gives a occasion for frown.. My other interests are collecting Mp3 songs no matter what language it is in.. I have many other interests but I guess this is enough for my first post.. More scribblings, later..


GuRu said...

Nice first post buddy .. Make sure you post often ,, Just post anything ..

Good Luck !!

sridhar said...

nice too see u posting blogs.... carry on..... and become like A.R

Paru said...

scribble is also inspiring!!
fine continue with gr8 lots of experiences!!

*Sajith* said...

thnx guyz.. !

LP said...

Hi Sajith,

I was actually trying to look for ARR show tickets for my bro and banged into your blog. Read quite a few and found them interesting. Loved the one "My college days". It really reminded me of my college days. I really admire people who can write so much..'coz ask me to talk, I can for 24/7 non stop...writing is not my cup of tea...I would definitely read all your blogs...Keep up the good work bro!!!